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My brain is a circus and I'm the mental midget...

Derisory Heteroclite
12 August 1978
This Bio is Degradable - Stop playing with your words and eat them.

* My sense of style in writing is about as proper as my taste in clothing. Non-existant
* I am a fanatic about whatever I find interesting for the moment, then I can take it or leave it.
* The only thing that is consistant about me, is that I am inconsistant.
* I am Bi-Polar, Over-Opinionated, Sarcastic, Cynical, Bitter & a Wanna' Be Artist.
* My brain and my mouth are not on speaking terms.

Censure all Censors!
80s music, access databases, alcohol, aldous huxley, anime, antique cameras, art, astalavista.box.sk, audio visual, automatic writing, ayn rand, band photography, beatniks, billy joel, biology, bipolar, black and white photography, blinking lights, bonzai kitten, bonzo dog doo dah, british comedy, buddhism, cameras, chaos theory, cheesy movies, chuck palahniuk, church of the subgenius, comedy, communism, computers, crass, creamer towers, creativity, cuddling, cult classics, dance, david bowie, david lynch, death cab for cutie, debate, dirty martini, discordianism, dostoevsky, drawing, dreams, educational television, existentialism, fascinating facts, fashion photography, filmography, firesign theatre, gadgets, german, graphic design, high iq, hippies, holga, html, humor, hunter s. thompson, internet, irvine welsh, jack kerouac, japanese, joseph heller, journey, kurt vonnegut, lateral thinking, learning, leonard cohen, les claypool, linux, living energy universe, m. c. escher, marx brothers, merry pranksters, monty python, musicals, mythology, optical illusion, origami, parody, people-watching, philosophy, phonetics, photography, photoshop, physics, poetry, psychology, puzzles, quantum mechanics, quantum physics, quantum theory, r. crumb, rain, reading, red dwarf, robert anton wilson, russian authors, russian cameras, sarcasm, satire, science, sign language, singing, sketching, sociology, sodaplay, spirituality, stanley kubrick, subspace, sumeria, taoism, techno, technology, theatre, theology, tom lehrer, tom waits, toy cameras, videography, web-design, william s. burroughs, word-play, writing, zecharia sitchin