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Derisory Heteroclite

Ode To The Typo : 2002-2007 // G'bye HSN

You know... I keep forgetting about this thing. But when I start to panic that I cant find something I either wrote or took a picture of an posted...I remember good old Livejournal. Amazing. Truly amazing. I'm very thankful for the journal, even if I don't update it.

Incidentally, this is my last day working for hsn!
And so, in memory of my position as a Camera Operator (remember how much I used to whine and complain about wanting to become one? well, eventually I did!), I'm going to repost the poem I wrote, entitled "Ode To The Typo"

Ode To The Typo

Oh Typo, you are to tear and mar
to scar my show a heightened blow.
Oh typo, unforeseen, upon the screen.
Nice and little, but big and bold.

Randolpy Randolph Duke, she wore...
a mor more moorish goar to pore.
a sak, saki, ak sack she bore...
The database will be deplored.

This ring is customer, custom customized
in mother-of-peril, I Warrantee!
An aboslute, absolute cluster, I mutter,
For the Marquis customer, guaranteed!

Maggie Smith...Sweet wore a dress
I must confess, in
She wore this mess with none-the-less
her favourite premier lamp-skin shoe.

Kawakasaki jacked by packing,
in a Pache or Peachskin coloured box.
is that a "7" crawling, rolling
slowing at a speed that nearly mocks?

Everywhere, the graphics churn,
Gurgle in wtr! I must conclude.
Spelling is what I need to learn.
Typo's, you're horrendous & crude!

-K. Dorsett 7-22-03

I'm going to Epcot on monday, then to the keys for three days. Now when people ask me where I'm going, I can literally say "I'm going to Disney World!!!"

Does anyone remember the time that a former Supervisor at worked there tried to write me up for talking smack about him? (keeping in mind that I never used his name, or the letters of the company). Ahhhh such fond memories. *wipes away a tear*
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