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Bragging Rights

I'm sure you all remember the ring that I put up some time back, that was going to be my engagement ring. Well, plans have changed. Instead of a 1/2CT, I got a 1CT Zales Certified ring, in Platinum. The pick of the litter, or the store and a personal sales assistant's favourite(not the one who waited on us), who was upset that she'd no longer get to "try it on". The diamond alone's replacement value is set at over $11,000.00. Here's a link to the site, that shows the ring. Of course, the picture does it very little justice...not to mention that the site says that the clarity is only an "H", when in fact, mine is "E"(The BEST quality of any diamond, is a D). The side of the ring has some bridge work, but it's very classy in taste and not *overdone*.

Just thought I'd share. :)

Because the website is all wrong, here is a chunk of information that came with my ring:
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