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Rants Upon Human Nature - Part 1

This post is a bitch-fest. Not your common feminine bitch-fest, but one of more substantial, offensive, brutal and downright rude portrayals of society.


Whenever I read of a friend or a link(associate) referring incessantly to any given interest, what-so-ever, I usually make conscious note of this and begin to scan their messages, there-on-in. Namely to say that what they have to provide me information with, is purely uninteresting, not of use or seems repetitive.

Note that I hate repetition
I hate it with a passion
I really really really hate repetition
I hate repetetion
I really do hate repetition
Example of repetition that I hate: Seinfeld

Wordly Examples:

Drama - "This girl is such a bitch! She doesn't like me, because I'm humping her best friend and she cant get any, because she's ugly! - Oh, Jesus Christ. Do you not have anything more important to say than that to your friends? You might be saying "You're one to talk, Kelly, you NEVER post!" -- Well, that is a fallacy in it's own right. I do post. When I find something amusing, something revealing about me, something I find worthy of putting into print...I do it(keep in mind how many pieces I've written for books that never came to be, solely because I thought they sucked)! And no, I'm NOT going to bitch about work, just because the Camera Operator caught a typo on one of my graphics. And NO he's NOT an asshole!

Friends With Children - I just don't care, okay? I mean, if you have a *story* to tell about it(my friend jazzy, for example, always has VERY amusing tales to share about her son), I will read it. Otherwise, I zoom right on past. I don't really give a flying fuck that your child just farted for the third time today and gave everyone at school the herpes(obviously, I'm stretching here). I don't care if he caught a cold from X friend and gave it to you. Hey, that's the facts of live. All living critters effectively generate the ability to procreate illness to their own.

When I walk through the call-center and see people with pictures of their kids, in their station, it thoroughly annoys me. Why? Well, it's never just one picture. There are always a multitude of this ugly kid PLASTERED all over this cubicle and some lame sucker on the next shift has to force himself to endure gazing at(meanwhile, he rebels by posting pictures of his cats). If you're a mommy and you're proud? Great!!! Just don't shove it down everyone else's throat. You might pose the question: Kelly, are you just bitter, cuz you cant have kids? -- Well, no...not at all, I felt this way when I was 18 and didn't know any different. If you really want to know my opinion on having children, just ask! children- beasts of burdon.

Friends Who Like Sports - Sorry, I don't. I just don't read them. I don't care. I scan them for something that might have some sort of relevance to that person's life and rarely do I find it. I just wait for the next post. This is one of the more tolerable dis-interests of mine. I can deal with it.

Friends Who Post Different Languages, In Their Post - WTF? Do I have to get a translator, just to read your message? Do I have the time? Do I really care? I know 3 of 4 Japanese writing scripts. Do I post those incessantly? And if I remember correctly, the one time that I did post a "greeting", nobody responded to the message. It's not my friends that I am angered by this, it's the in-growing need for somebody to classify you as "one who otta understand, if you're really my friend". Okay, well... I understand a LOT of things, so post a joke that most people might not get. I might get that and if I don't? I'm not ASHAMED to ask. Your friends might want to get it to. Isn't this whole posting bit all about sharing with your friends, your knowledge? Your life? If you want them to understand what you say, then post a translation, below the text.

People Who Go On & On About Disney World - Okay, so I live in Florida and should be able to accept this, right? I'm sorry that I just cant understand why someone is so obsessed with a communist colony that brainwashes you into accepting minimum wage and enforces you to *be proud* that you work for Disney. It just wont happen. Let's give ya' a raise, instead of portraying Goofy, be Minnie! And don't forget folks, keep your hands IN the picture, you don't want any suits upon YOUR HANDS. No one is EVER unhappy at Disney! -- Might I mention that I visited Disney World once, when I was 7. I HATED it.

People Who Constantly Bitch About Work - Then quit. Find a new job or get over it! Whatever! Do your friends really want to hear you bitch about it, every day?

On that BITCHY note, I end this transmission

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