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It seems I've mastered one of three alphebetical symbolic representations of Japanese. Apparently, the most important, as others appear to mimic it in many ways, or are merely extensions upon.

I'm awefully damned proud of myself and I can translate all Hirigana into Romaji(roman spelling of a Japanese word), although I don't know what the Japanese word *means* as of yet.

Next is Katakana, which I'm about half-way through. I have nobody to thank, but the resources on the web. I probably never would be this far, otherwise. I think that now that I know most of the Katakana and all of the Hirigana, that it is due time, to learn more Romaji. I can translate to and from Romaji, but do not know the meaning. *laughs* -- I think that having studied what I have, will make it easier to do the rest.

I'm also posting something I created, in order to make Hiragana/Katakana *combinations*(addition of words to a simple pronunciation, to change it's pronunciation), easier. Yeah, it wont mean tripe to you folks, but I'm pretty f*ing proud of it and it's gotten cool reviews on

Okay, here goes a bit of a thing I did for myself to help me remember the "combinations" for the Hirigana. I hope that you find them as useful as I have. Also, if there is anything incorrect, do feel free to correct me. :)
Only K, S, T & H can be made into combo's
A good way to remember this, is by associating the four rows with *English* words.

Ex.: Kelly Strives Towards Hiragana(substitute Kathy, Karen, Ken, Karl...etc)

Combo's are words with -"- at the end, as part of the symbol.

The following sentences utilize pronunciation of the word, with common *English* words, in *English* sentence structure.

Some examples are different, as stated below(Namely in the T-Section).

Ka(Ga) Gah -Gah!, he's Kocky!
Ki(Gi) Gee(k) -Geeks have Keys to registries.
Ku(Gu) Goo -Goo is Cool
Ke(Ge) Gate -the Gated crates belong to Kate.
Ko(Go) Go -Go Cold turkey.

Sa(za) Za -kaZaa is for Sods.
Si(ji) G -Gee, I can See! (this may be pronounced Jshi)
su(zu) Zoo -Zoo's get Sued when monkey's toss poo.
se(ze) Zay -Zey Say zat german is a different language.
so(zo) Zoe -Zoey is a Soldier.

T:D -Sometimes J/Z
Ta(da) Dah -TaDa! it's magic!
Ti(ji) Gee -Gee, I love Tea! (this may be pronounced Jchi)
Tu(zu) Zoot -wear a Zoot suit To the dance.
Te(de) Day -there's no Day like today's Te.
To(do) Doe -hunters have a Doe in Tow.

Ha(Ba) Bah -BaHahaha!
Hi(Bi) Bee -clowns give some HeeBee Jeebies.
Hu(Bu) Boo -BooHoo!
He(Be) Bay -there's Hay in the Bay.
Ho(Bo) Boat -the Boat will float, i Hope.

Ha(Pa) Pot -Pots are Hot.
Hi(Pi) Pete -Pete was Heated.
Hu(Pu) Poo -Who flung Poo?
He(Pe) Pale -Hey! He's Pale!
Ho(Po) Poor -Poor Hobos live day to day.

Okay, some of them are just silly, but come on. It's hard to think of short sentences that include the original *and* changed pronunciation. Happy mnemonic'ing, folks!

Until Next Time-

Hehe...I said "shit"
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